The Automotive Industry

    Explore Wright’s Experience With Automotive Plastic Product Manufacturing

    Wright Plastic Products has decades of experience working in the automotive industry, and that experience benefits you. With our custom injection molding process, delivering top-of-the line products to customers is our number one goal.

    We have manufactured the following automotive products in a vehicle you may be driving now:


        • Shifter knobs
          • LED light pipes
            • Lumbar adjustment components
              • Seat heater components
                • Bin mat liners
                  • Visor arms/components
                    • Seat adjust gear housings/knobs
                      • Trim, mold-in color, chrome, hydrographics
                        • T/S and wiper control stalk components


                            • Mirror shells/components
                              • Brackets, rear bumper fascia
                                • Roof rack components


                                    • Cable systems
                                      • Accelerator components
                                        • Bobbins
                                          • Power seat drive housing, switch and fasteners
                                            • Electronic chime housings
                                              • Electronic buttons
                                                • Windshield washer spray nozzles

                                                  Fuel System

                                                    • Floats
                                                      • Pump housings
                                                        • Valve housings
                                                          • Valve brackets
                                                            • Valve adapters
                                                              • Clips
                                                                • Valve caps/shields

                                                                  Under Hood

                                                                    • Valve lifter guides
                                                                      • Battery terminals
                                                                        • Spare tire lift plates


                                                                            • Attachment modules
                                                                              • Clips – tubing, bundling, brake line support
                                                                                • Fastener over molding
                                                                                  • Transmission valve shaft over molding
                                                                                    • Adapters, tube
                                                                                      • Connectors
                                                                                        • Window motor gears

                                                                                          With our custom injection molding, we have the capabilities to meet your automotive product needs. Contact Wright Plastic Products now to find out more.

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